We at Alchis are professionals dedicated to provide the best quality in our fields of Architectural and interior Designing, Project Planning and Construction Management. We provide quality services as Alchis is a company that was founded on the principle that integrates project management, planning, design, and construction services under one roof thus offering great advantages to our clients.

We deliver your vision with value. Our clients frequently come to Alchis to find solutions for problems they lack information or expertise to solve on their own. Whether the difficulty comes from an accelerated schedule, daunting geographic scale, a limited budget, or technical troubles, our team works from the earliest planning stages of a building program through final close out of construction to overcome all challenges and achieve what other firms might see as impossible results.

Our comprehensive approach to program management, planning, architectural, and construction services ensures programs are run efficiently from start to finish, cutting schedules by up to 75% and delivering completed projects that meet every standard for success.