Architectural Designs

At Alchis, our design philosophy is based upon a process of open discussion that leads to highly developed aesthetic and functional design. With the participation of all design team and the client, user needs are critically defined and analyzed. Among the most important issues are functional project analysis and site reviews. As ideas are conceptualized during the design process, they are realized through three-dimensional models and sketches through implementation of new technology that complement these methods with three-dimensional computerized modelling. This offers alternative design solutions and concepts to be visually shared and explored in a brief time frame, with the client, as well as the design team.

We approach each project individually depending on the client and reflect the particular conditions of the building site and its function. An aesthetically pleasing and inviting ambiance, relating to both the exterior and interior of a structure, is responsible for our successful building designs. Essential in each new project is also the use sustainable building practices to achieve energy and cost efficiencies over time.